The World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef is one of the longest fringing coral reefs in the world. Stretching from near the township of Exmouth in the north, right along the western shore of North West Cape, past Coral Bay and beyond to Red Bluff at Quobba Station to the south, the Ningaloo Reef is 300 kilometres of unspoiled underwater paradise, offering world-class snorkelling, diving and fishing.

Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth on Western Australia’s Coral Coast are internationally recognised as some of the most ecologically diverse marine environments in the world. It is home to more then 250 species of coral and over 500 species of fish.

The outer edge of the Ningaloo Reef protects a crystal clear lagoon that is on average only 2-4 m deep and incredibly rich in marine life – a wonderland for nature loving snorkelers, no matter what their age or ability may be.

Elite Charters offer many different experiences, ranging from reef dives and snorkelling excursions to interacting with dugongs and manta rays.

Manta rays are huge but harmless inhabitant of the Ningaloo Reef, particularly at Coral Bay which is home to a resident population of mantas. This allows visitors the year-round opportunity to swim with these playful and very inquisitive creatures.

The Ningaloo Coast is also home to a large population of marine turtles. Six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle have been recorded along the Ningaloo Reef, with green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles the most commonly encountered. The reef forms a feeding ground and habitat for these turtles, while the beaches of Ningaloo are critically important turtle nesting sites.

There are many ways you can experience the Ningaloo Reef from above or the below the waterline. Let Elite Charters make your reef experience a memorable one.


The Abrolhos Islands are located 60 kms west of Geraldton’s shores in Western Australia and offer outstanding fishing and snorkelling opportunities.

It is an amazing archipelago consisting of 122 islands clustered into three main groups the Wallaby, Easter and Pelsart Group.

Known for the tragic Batavia Story, the islands are also recognised for cray fishing, pearls, bird and marine life. The islands and their surrounding reef communities are a meeting place for tropical and temperate sea life, forming one of the State’s unique marine areas.

The islands boast an extensive range of marine life, thanks to a unique mix of tropical and temperate marine species. The unique coral reef formations and spectacular coral gardens make for magnificent scuba diving and snorkelling while the prolific fish life abounds making for excellent fishing.

The Houtman Abrolhos is unusual in having a luxuriant and diverse living coral reef at such high latitude. 194 species in 50 genera have been recorded there,all but two of are tropical.

Many species of breeding sea bird colonies keep the island alive with entertainment, whilst the protected waters are a haven for marine mammals such as the sun basking sea lines, bottlenose dolphins and migratory whales.

Muiron Islands

Just 9.8 nautical miles off the tip of the North West Cape on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the tranquil tropical waters of the Muiron Islands are teeming with marine life and provide an unforgettable Ningaloo Reef diving experience.

There are two islands- North and South. These islands are a very popular location for recreational day use such as snorkelling, diving, swimming and fishing. It is also an important habitat for seabirds and various other flora and fauna. The islands beaches are highly significant to nesting Green and Loggerhead turtles during the months of November to April.

The ‘cod spot’ runs parallel to South Muiron Island and is one of the most magnificent dives in the Exmouth area. At this reef cleaning station the limestone reef, in deep water, is covered in thousands of golden cardinal fish. Large potato cod are also frequently seen. Many other smaller cod and emperor species gather around divers. Watch for the colourful coral cod and enormous graceful manta rays.

Another spot known as ‘The Spit’ has numerous swim throughs along a rocky ledge, where divers are enveloped by hundreds of tiny bait fish and may discover a grey nurse shark or turtle sleeping peacefully under a ledge. Large manta rays are also common. Lying between the South Muiron and North Muiron islands, The Gap provides an amazing drift dive over colourful soft corals, hard corals and sponges


The largest of a group of ten islands called the Mackerel Islands. The islands are surrounded by limestone reefs and platforms, with diverse coral on the northern side.

Classified as a C class nature reserve, the islands are visited by green turtles and flatback sea turtles who lay their eggs on the beaches. The waters off-shore are also home to dugong and several species of dolphins including; common, bottlenose, spinner and humpback dolphins.

Located off Onslow, the Thevenard group of Islands provides a wilderness-style experience boasting world–class fishing, diving, snorkelling, swimming, boating, nature watching and relaxation in protected, calm waters.

You stand there in silence, sinking to your ankles in the soft sand as the world goes by.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the seclusion of having an island all to yourself, Direction Island is just the place.

Nestled within its own coral reef, Direction Island is a sun-drenched, sandy jewel where you can explore the natural wonders of its magnificent marine environment from the luxury of your private vessel. Spend your days swimming, snorkelling or exploring the beautiful white sand beaches of the islands.

Let our crew set up a delicious lunch of fresh fish and crayfish on your own private beach. A trip to Thevenard starts in Onslow, one of the oldest towns in the North West, whose vibe and architecture has not forgotten its roots.

It is a short and calm 45-minute trip to Thevenard.

The island is a low-lying haven for shorebirds and aquatic life, fringed by clear blue waters . You come here for three reasons: fishing, snorkelling and relaxing.

On the fishing front, Thevenard is a gem. It is rare to have a line sitting in the water for more than a few minutes without a bite from the likes of mangrove jack, golden trevally or mackerel.

Snorkelling around the island is also top-notch: turtles, crayfish, reef fish and a wide variety of coloured corals are easily accessible from the beaches.

The seclusion of both islands is the biggest selling point. Whether fishing, diving, swimming or simply relaxing on the deck it’s easy to get lost in your own world leaving the stresses of life a million miles away.


The Kimberley region in the far North Western Australia is a panorama of outstanding beauty of rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls and is one of the world’s most beautiful charter destinations.

On your private luxury vessel you can enjoy everything the Kimberley Coast has to offer, from beautiful Broome to outback Wyndham.

Experience the magnificent King George River, the Prince Regent Nature Reserve home to King’s Cascades, Montgomery Reef, Vansitart Bay rock art and the stunning landscapes of Raft Point in the Doubtful Bay region.

Marvel at one of the world’s greatest wonders the ‘Horizontal Falls’ watch the giant tides alter the landscape or try your hand at Barramundi fishing.

Let Elite Charters provide you with an experience of a lifetime.